You’re Invited!

Welcome. Whatever your background, however you see God today, no matter how challenging or joyful your journey is right now, you are welcome here. This is no time to be alone. St. Mary’s strives to be a safe, inclusive place for all people. You will encounter the unconditional love of God and the fellowship of friends right here. We’re a multigenerational faith community learning to live the Way of Love taught by Jesus.

We smile a lot around here, and it’s authentic! We believe that people desire healthy, vibrant relationships with God and each other, and our Sunday services are joyful, relevant and hope-filled. And we believe that fun and church are not mutually exclusive. Love and joy are the fruits of our loving relationship with God.

Our congregation ranges from those who have just begun to explore their faith to those who have been going to church for decades. We challenge, question, share and learn together. We’re always glad to see you and never ask why we haven’t seen you for a while. Come, see and experience the beauty and love of Christ with us. There’s a place for you—everyone is invited!


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